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Send Traffic To Your Website

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Every online business owner knows the importance of generating traffic to their website. Not just any traffic but targeted , converting visitors. There are basically two methods to send visitors to your sites.

  1. Through paid advertising ie., media buys. The most popular and most expensive options are Google Adwords , You Tube and Facebook ads. The lesser known options, far cheaper and in my experience, more effective, are community networking sites like: Mikode.
  2. Free traffic generation ie., SEO [Search Engine Optimization] including ; on page optimization, social networking, back-link building, etc., etc. is a good option for those prepared to do some work. Most traffic generating systems being promoted online – to generate free traffic are created by the blind leading the blind – or worse just total scams [especially the one- click wonders out there]. Watch the video below for one of the rare good free traffic systems. Compiled in 2009, this system is updated regularly and available; CLICK HERE

Free Traffic Generator