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Add Sends On Your Websites

send form

Send Free SMS messages from your website.

Add this function to your website so you can send free SMS messages worldwide. For instructions Click on the image below:

 add SMS

Send Button

The Send button lets people privately send content on your site to one or more friends in a Facebook message, to an email address, or share it with a Facebook group.

How to Add a Send to Kindle Button to Your Blog or Site

Add a send to Kindle Button to your blog or website so visitors can read your content on their Kindle.

How to send a web page

Popular browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) have a handy command for emailing your friends a link to a web page. If you must email the contents of a page, Safari makes that easy as long as you use the Apple Mail application. Learn all these tricks in this video on how to add and send a webpage to your email.