How To Add Sends

Add Sends is all about how to add sends to your websites, email lists, video channels, music channels and much more…

  • Send Traffic To Your Website

    Every online business owner knows the importance of generating traffic to their website. Not just any traffic but targeted , converting visitors. There are basically two methods to send visitors to your sites. Through paid advertising ie., media buys. The most popular and most expensive options are Google Adwords , You Tube and Facebook ads. [...]
  • Add Sends On Your Websites

    Send Free SMS messages from your website. Add this function to your website so you can send free SMS messages worldwide. For instructions Click on the image below:   Send Button The Send button lets people privately send content on your site to one or more friends in a Facebook message, to an email address, [...]
  • Add Sends – Music

    In this Audio Production tutorial from - a leading edge audio production training facility - Andrew Yankiwski talks about using Group Channels and Send FX in LogicIn This Video:APPLE LOGIC PRO 9 - How to add Pro FX in LOGIC PRO 9 using Group Channels and SendsSo you use Logic.. And you're always reading [...]